How did you manage to end up here?

No matter it’s ultimately not important. Welcome traveler! Roamer of the world wide web. There isn’t much here for now and that’s alright. This is the beginning of whatever this will become. It might be the end as well if I don’t manage to stick with it. That is part of why I am writing this blog though. Public accountability. If all I ever do is write entries in a little book that I carry around with me, then I have no way to determine if the ideas that get recorded are sound. I can tell myself anything I want and there is ultimately no one to tell me that I’m wrong because in this life we are able to create whatever image of ourselves in other people’s minds that we want. At least right up until the part where they catch you in that act and reconcile that you don’t really know what you are up to.

I for the life of me can’t manage to teach myself code. There’s also a stubborn bitter entity taking up residence in my head that isn’t ready to just throw in the towel and go back to school. So along the way this will serve as a record of what I hope is growth and skill and determination. In my current job, I feel stagnant, a lot of that is on me. Recognizing it is the first important step. Or at least that’s what some would lead me to believe. We’ll see though.

There is nothing that I would call myself an expert in, but that certainly won’t prevent me from rambling. In between drab explanations of what I taught myself in coding camp will be a litany of random discussions ranging from local politics to free-will. And neurosis, but that’s something you’ll just get accustomed to as I dart around from topic to topic. Life has handed me quite the laundry list of experiences, and those experiences have in turned provided me with pretty half-decent insight.

So, let this serve as an introduction to the Public Records Department. Over the course of these first few posts, you’ll start to get an introduction to the lunatic behind this. And assuming you get that far we might get to have some cool conversations.

At some point I will get around to adding a contact form. It will probably be listed under something like send me hate mail, though comments are readily available for that. If at any point, any of you decide that you want my advice, go ahead and ask me anything and I’ll give you a response. No guarantees that any of the advice will be sound nor should it be followed, but who knows, could be a fun time for everyone. I’ll trade mediocre life advice for advice on how to be better at coding. Coding, which as stated, is the primary purpose of this blog. Of course is it.

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